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  Mar 10-12, 2023
      Registration $350

The Making Peace retreat provides a safe, confidential place to examine yourself, your relationship with God, and your relationship with others. Biblical principles will be incorporated in the weekend-long teaching, shared experiences and group discussion to help you break free from the burdens and bondage of the past and to discover the truth and freedom of who you are in Christ.  

An important part of Making Peace is the 9-week follow up small group meetings that utilizes the workbook Making Peace and Beyond. Zoom attendance is available when in person is not possible.

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      April 14 - 16th
      Registration $350 

Our body is a gift that enables us to accomplish all God calls us to. This retreat focuses on caring for our physical bodies by looking at biblical principles and facts on food, movement, rest, and other aspects that affect our physical, mental, and spiritual health and equip us to honor God by honoring our body!

Women's Cohort Starting July 7-9
There will be 9 retreats total
Contact Sandra to register!

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