About the Center

Psalm 46:10 says, 'Be still, and know that I am God.' Proverbs 8:17 says 'those who seek me diligently find me.' God can speak to us anywhere but we are a society of busy people with many distractions. A place of serenity in the beauty of creation is ideal for the transforming work God desires to do in us. The Richard Bush Renewal Center is a sacred space for intimate size retreats and sabbaticals as well as individuals and couples. We offer Life on Life Formation, Marriage, and Soul Healing retreats, as well as material for self-guided retreats. The center is also available for groups and churches to use for their own retreats or sabbaticals. There are gathering spaces that will accommodate groups up to 30 as well as reflection areas in the lodge and wooded trails for times of reflection. 

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Dr Richard Bush

The Renewal Center bears the name of Dr Richard Bush, a humble servant of God who dedicated his life to helping others be spiritually formed by the nature and character of Christ. Dr Bush served as a local church pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance for thirty-one years, as a District Superintendent for 12 years, and held positions at the National office of the C&MA in Leadership Development. Richard believed we need to deal with the issues beneath the surface that affect our heart, soul, mind, strength and love for others. He impacted many lives for Christ before he went home to be with the Lord on June 25th, 2020 but his legacy lives on in the Life on Life Formation program. Through it, he taught that spiritual formation happens incrementally over time with others and for others. We honor the work God accomplished through Richard by naming the center after him and providing a place for God to continue the work. For more on the Life on Life Formation program click on the icon to the right.


The Journey


In 2017 I began a 3-year journey with 10 others in a Life on Life cohort with Dr. Richard Bush and his daughter Candy Anderson. Over the next 3 years my understanding of God went from limited to panoramic and I was healed in the deepest places of my soul. Near the end of that journey I prayed God would work through me to bring healing and spiritual growth to others in the body of Christ. In November of 2019 I sensed God leading me to open a renewal center. Over the next year He brought all of the people and resources together to make the Richard Bush Renewal Center a reality. 

                                                                       Founder - Sandra Traver

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My Life on Life cohort group